Meet Elizabeth: Brand Ambassador @ Moonmans Mistress

   1. What did you do before the industry?
Before the Cannabis industry I worked a waitress/bartender in the food and beverage industry. I’m also a triple threat Entertainer. (Singer, dancer, and actress)
2. What sparked your interest in the cannabis industry? How did you first get involved in the industry?
I’ve always been interested in the Cannabis industry since I lit up my first time at 10. I first got involved in the industry when I was 24. I was hired as a receptionist / bud-tender in San Diego. I became way more passionate about the medicine after my car accident four years ago.
3. Walk us through a normal work day? (things you do on a regular basis)
Typically, I’m a morning person that needs a little coffee & CBD to get it started. I’m not the only one in my house that needs CBD for breakfast. I have a senior citizen dog of 16 years, need I say more. My fitness and cannabis use go hand-in-hand. THC will help keep me focused when CBD will help with the pain and recovery process afterwards. The first session of the day is how I strategize my navigation for sales. From 10 to about 5 pm I’m on the hunt to preach the good word of Moonman’s Mistress Edibles. I head home around dinner time for a night meditation session with my 12 year old Roor.
4. What have been some of the hardest things about working in the industry? 
The two hardest things I’ve come across is there is a lack of education and respect of time. I’m very passionate about the science behind the medication and I love to educate myself about it as much as possible. But I understand not everybody is as passionate as I. I ran into that problem a lot being a bud-tender. I would interrupt my co-workers or peers when they were giving out the wrong information and it would cause drama of some kind. The problem I run into now in sales is being “ghosted”. I wish managers/buyers at collectives would be more straightforward and respect your time.
5. What have been some of your favorite things about working in the industry?
It is always a perk when you meet a like-minded passionate person. I love hearing how cannabis has saved other people’s lives other than my own.
6. Have you ever felt stigmatized for working in the industry?
The only time I ever feel stigmatized by my industry is when you go to some of the Big Smoke Out parties. I don’t appreciate it when people turn medicating into a competition. I’m just trying to manage my back pain, knee pain, anxiety, and PTSD. I understand party culture for what it is and not all events are like that in the industry.
7. Do you have any advice to job seekers looking into the industry?
Keep your mind open and ask the employer as many questions as possible. The reason why I say this is because there are companies that try to take advantage of good hard working people. I will not name names but it has happened to me. I am blessed and fortunate to work for Moonman’s Mistress. They are one of the few companies that MAKE SURE to give you a good clean product. There is no funny business when it comes to their products or their management. I love my team!